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Dermal Fillers Reviews from our Leeds Clinic

Our patients are delighted with the quality of treatment and care at our clinic.  Read some of our recent dermal fillers reviews below.

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Dermal Fillers  

"Really gentle, talked me through treatment. Made me feel comfortable and at ease."

Treated - April 2018

Female, 60s   
Dermal Fillers  

"I had treatment today with Dr Raj. He was absolutely brilliant, he really put me at ease, was very professional. I am going to recommend him to all my friends. Thank you Dr Raj."

Treated - April 2018

Jackie Barber   
Dermal Fillers  

"Dr Jas did an amazing treatment for me - completely natural result. She listened carefully to my concerns and advised me to have a low dosage initially and then come back for a review. She is very professional and friendly. What a fantastic aesthetician!"

Treated - June 2017, ongoing

Dermal Fillers  

"Jayne has done an excellent job. She has done exactly what I have asked for. She always makes me feel looked after and at ease.

The clinic is always very clean and tidy and all staff are always very helpful. I am very confident with all the service received and with results of my treatment."

Treated - July 2017, ongoing

Female, 40s   
Dermal Fillers  

"Professional manner at all times. Lovely staff."

Treated - 27/10/16

Female, 40s   
Dermal Fillers  

"I find the staff at Good Skin Days very professional and friendly and pleasant. I have been thrilled with the results I have had from the treatments I have undergone and trust implicitly the advice I am given."

Treated - 8/8/16

Female, 60s   
Dermal Fillers  

"I'm fairly new to the world of anti-wrinkle injections and fillers and it was with some trepidation that I approach Good Skin Days for the first time.

On this first visit I had the good fortune to be introduced to Jayne Taylor. Jayne immediately put at ease with her friendly and approachable manner. A treatment plan was up with no pressure to proceed with any of it.

I am beyond thrilled with my results. A perfect balance of skill, professionalism and friendliness. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jayne and Good Skin Days. I'm so glad I placed my trust (and my face) in Jayne's capable hands."

Treated - 12/7/16

Female, 60s   
Dermal Fillers  

"Just want to say my nurse made me feel at total ease from the minute we met.

Very professional and such a lovely person. I would have no worries when I came back. Fab lady."

Treated - 13/4/16

Allison Kitson   
Dermal Fillers  

"I am absolutely delighted with the treatment I have received, to the extent of feeling emotional. The results are amazing and I felt relaxed and comfortable. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you very much."

Treated - 2/2/16

Yvonne Williams   
Dermal Fillers  

"I have had treatments at several different venues over the last few years, however, I felt most comfortable and confident with the service and results I receive at Good Skin Days.

The team are professional and knowledgable and believe in their skincare products. I have taken their advice and can honestly say the appearance of my skin and the minimal signs of ageing are excellent, which makes me feel good and confident with my appearance."

Treated - 28/10/15

Carole Callaghan   
Dermal Fillers  

"I have received treatment for under eye bags that were massively affecting my confidence. From start to finish EVERY member of staff that I have come into contact with have been amazing, they are all so helpful, professional and understanding. I have always felt that I have been fully listened to and given all the information and time to make the right guided decisions that are best suited to my needs.

The treatment itself was fantastic, I could have been happier with the results. The best part personally was that it all looked natural. This was something that I had discussed with Caroline prior to treatment and it was definitely delivered. Treatment was followed up with aftercare of a high standard.

So all in all, a great experience. I shall definitely put my trust in these wonderful ladies in the future!"

Treated - 22/02/16

Dermal Fillers  

"I have been going to GSD for over a year now and they have been nothing but professional, friendly and made me feel 100% comfortable and at ease.

Would definitely recommend."

Treated - 17/10/15

Holly McLeod   
Dermal Fillers  

"Excellent and very professional service. Everyone is very helpful and friendly and very supportive of their clients' needs. Prices are very competitive and the quality of treatment and venue of a much higher standard than alternatives."

Treated - 10/10/15

Sally Hill   
Dermal Fillers  

"Extremely professional, polite and friendly. Provide adequate information re. treatment, results. Would recommend without hesitation."

Treated - 7/10/15

Diane Holmes   
Dermal Fillers  

"Very happy with service provided in general. Staff were professional and offered care and support. I am very happy with the results obtained, so much so I have already made arrangements for other treatments."

Treated - 7/10/15

Julie Buckley   
Dermal Fillers  

"Treated on numerous occasions by the GSD team - from making an appointment to having the actual treatment, all the team are highly professional but very approachable and extremely knowledgable in their field.

Everything is explained in a warm and friendly way which instantly makes you feel at ease. Would highly recommend"

Treated - 6/10/15

Gillian Barry   
Dermal Fillers  

"This place is total Nirvana with amazing treatments that I have had over the last year with awesome results!!

All the staff, receptionists, clinicians, nurses and doctors are all wonderful and make one feel very comfortable and at home from the start!!

I simply can't thank everyone enough and recommend GSD to all!!"

Treated - ongoing

Rosy Kellett   
Dermal Fillers  

"I have had three separate treatments of Botox, Juvederm fillers and laser treatment for broken veins. I have been delighted with the outcomes of the first two treatments and am awaiting complete results of the third. The staff have been very professional and experienced and the clinic and reception staff are lovely.

The treatments have made a real difference to my confidence and I have received lots of advice. First class."

Treated 11/3/15

Beverly Downes   
Dermal Fillers  

"I travel a long way to Good Skin Days because I trust the staff with my Botox and fillers. It's a professional and safe clinic with friendly and helpful staff who always schedule enough time to discuss exactly what your expectations are and never rush the treatments.

I have always been happy with the results of the treatment I've had at GSD."

Treated 12/3/15

Carol Crossley   
Dermal Fillers  

"Very professional service. Full explanation of procedures given. Experienced, well trained, friendly staff.

I was impressed with Caroline's explanation of the procedures I was interested in and her wealth of knowledge and experience gave me the confidence to go ahead with the fillers and Botox sessions.

I was delighted with the filler results and returned for further sessions."

Treated 12/3/15

Yvonne Pitchforth   
Dermal Fillers  

"Very professional service. Listened to what I wanted. Staff polite and approachable. Clean environment.

Really pleased with the results!! Will be back again! Thank you Good Skin Days!"

Treated 9/3/15

Michelle Muttick   
Dermal Fillers  

"Caroline was great - very in-depth explanation of treatments. Advised on where to, and where not to!

Excellent knowledge, felt comfortable with her. Would definitely book an appointment with her again."

Treated 5/3/15

James Nelson   
Dermal Fillers  

"Extremely happy with the service I have received. The therapists are friendly and professional and listen to the concerns you have.

I'm really happy with the results and will continue to come to Good Skin Days for treatment and would highly recommend them."

Treated 5/3/15

Jodie Smedley   
Dermal Fillers  

"Extremely professional - they listen to what you feel you have problems with and advise you the best treatments to undergo. Good follow-up aftercare also."

Treated 6/3/15

Jackie Fern   
Dermal Fillers  

"I have been coming to Good Skin Days for two years and would recommend them to my friends.

I have had fillers and Botox, and have had my lips done and love them"

Treated 2013 - Ongoing

Patricia Berry   
Dermal Fillers  

"I have been highly delighted with all my treatments and would like to express my thanks. My nurse is excellent at advising on what treatments are required. This is not just for myself but all of my friends who I recommended are of the same mind.

The receptionists are also very efficient. Many thanks to everyone."

Treated 12/12/14

Geraldine Pollard   
Dermal Fillers  

"EXCELLENT clinic - would highly recommend it. Very welcoming, professional, friendly staff. Premises are clean, tidy and welcoming. Easy to access parking.

Also excellent offers at the moment!

Can't fault anything!"

Treated 30/10/14

Female, 53   
Dermal Fillers  

"Very welcoming, professional, friendly, open and honest. Love coming here not only to look amazing on the outside but on the inside too.

Mel is all the above and more and makes my visits brighter - love catching up and having a giggle."

Treated 6/11/14

Sarah Callaghan   
Dermal Fillers  

"I have always been happy with the results of my Juvederm treatments at Good Skin Days, and the staff have looked after me really well."

Treated 6/11/14

Ruth Wilkinson   
Dermal Fillers  

''Been very happy with the treatments I have had from Good Skin Days. I feel they listen to what the patient says and advise otherwise as sometimes I feel I have unrealistic ideas. I feel very confident in the nurses here on their ability to do things and putting you at ease.''

Treated January 2011 - Ongoing

Suzanne Naylor   
Dermal Fillers  

''Fantastic, helpful friendly advice, feels very personal and more like a family atmosphere. Professional & unique service. It has totally changed my outlook and given me a huge confidence boost.

They cannot do enough for you before or after your treatment. Would highly recommend. Why grow old gracefully when we have GOOD SKIN DAYS!''

Treated June 2011 - Ongoing

Sarah Callaghan   
Dermal Fillers  

''When I first came I was terrified but I didn't need to be. Rachel was so considerate and kind. I have had quite a lot of treatment and each time has been very professional and considerate. All the staff are super and make you feel welcome. I shall definitely be coming back to Rachel in the near future.''

Treated September 2013 - Present

Jackie Hobson   
Dermal Fillers  

"I live quite close to the Good Skin Days clinic and pass it on a very regular basis. I had looked at the building whilst driving by on many occasions and told myself that I would pop in there one day and find out what all the talk is about...Botox, Fillers...? Whatever was my attitude at that time. I would like to very quickly point out at this stage that my partner of 12 years and I decided to part...That was when I saw the difference in how I looked, and that is when I decided to make an appointment to see Caroline at Good Skin Days.

I went along to my appointment after all I had nothing to lose, it was costing me nothing ? I was just worried whether it would hurt or not...I am very squeamish....I explained my concerns and was immediately put at ease with the options that I was offered. I was fully examined and asked what I expected from this treatment. I told her that I just wanted to look healthy again and not so tired..

Caroline explained what she would like to do, and explained that I could have a small injection which would numb the area. We decided on Cheek Fillers. I was given the choice of having the fillers administered by a syringe or a cannula....I chose the cannula, the reason being is that the cheek filler is a thicker solution and a much better out come is achieved using the cannula method in my opinion. I was so impressed. I felt nothing! and the results are immediate! When I arrived home I went straight to the mirror, I could not stop looking for faults but found none. I found myself smiling and smiling... I went back after 2 weeks for my aftercare appointment and Caroline was very happy as was I.

I have been back since for a couple more top ups as I really wanted to see what this very clever lady could do for me. She is amazing. I thank her from the bottom of my heart, she is the one that has made it possible for me to feel confident again.

Caroline has the most compassionate manner and specialises in the cannula method . I highly recommend her and her method using the cannula. I would also like to say the clinic is a very friendly place to be, the staff are very helpful, hygiene is paramount...I paid attention to all the places where I might find some fault, but yet again ...none. Coffee is served to you on arrival by very friendly staff.

Good Skin Days have their own private car park. So ladies or gents if you would like to make the changes that I have made then please don't hesitate to give this a try with an experienced specialist. I have a few months before my next visit and boy am I looking forward to that. I hope this has been of some help to all who are considering having non invasive facial treatments.''

Treated September 2012 - Present

Janet Thomas   
Dermal Fillers  

"I came to Good Skin Days about two years ago not knowing quite what to expect or what I wanted, the staff made me feel very welcome and the various procedures available were explained. I felt under no pressure whatsoever. Under the guidance of the staff and their expertise I can now look in the mirror and no longer feel unhappy with my face. I truly feel transformed and it has made such a difference to me personally and to my life. I trust their judgement implicitly and would not go anywhere else for my treatments. "

Treated April 2010 - Present

C Wood   

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