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Why the Cannula technique is changing how Dermal Fillers are administered

cannula techniques for dermal fillersLast week, two of our Nurses; Rachel Farnell and Lee Rowe, received specialist training on the blunt-tip Microcannula technique as another method of administering Dermal Fillers. Here we explain why we believe that this is an essential skill to add to our toolkit and why clinics should be able to offer it as ‘best practice’.
Cannula needles are now commercially available and FDA approved for Dermal Fillers treatments and some registered medical clinics in the UK are now able to offer this method to their patients.

Dermal Fillers are usually administered with a hypodermic needle and whilst this is a great method for targeted use on specific areas, the needles are sharp and there is a slight risk of bruising at the injection site and other complications. Cannula needles are longer than standard hypodermic needles and have a blunt tip, which benefits the patient in the following ways:

  • Less tissue disruption (and therefore bruising) as the smooth blunt tip ‘pushes aside’ delicate blood vessels rather than running the risk of piercing them.
  • Fewer puncture sites as the needle is long and the Nurse is able to control a slow and steady injection of the Dermal Fillers over a longer insertion time.

How to get the best dermal fillers results

In our experience having used this new technique at the clinic, we believe that the best results will be achieved using a combination of the two methods to administer Dermal Fillers. Your Nurse will be able to talk you through both techniques before treatment takes place and by listening to your specific requirements and looking carefully at the area that you would like treated, can design a bespoke treatment for you, so that you will enjoy optimal results.

If you would like to find out more about the Cannula technique for Dermal Fillers, why not call us on 01943 882010, email us at: info@goodskindays.co.uk or fill in the contact form here.

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