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Laser Hair Removal Timing

Don’t be put off laser hair removal – get the timing right

Laser Hair Removal TimingWe often have to delay patients’ laser hair removal consultations because we don’t think treatment will be effective, or worse, we’re concerned it may even be unsafe. In this post I’ll tell you why this happens, and how to plan your treatment for the best possible results.

Reasons why your treatment could be delayed or even denied.

For your laser hair removal treatment to be safe and effective it has to be carried out when your skin is as close to its natural tone as possible. Sun tans, fake tans and makeup can cause changes to skin pigmentation. Practitioners may suggest that the treatment could be unsafe or ineffective if the difference between your natural skin tone and your current skin tone is too great.

The lasers used to carry out laser hair removal targets a pigment in your hair follicle called melanin.

The laser light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft, damaging the follicles and eventually destroying them. If you’ve been exposed to the sun or to sun beds, the level of melanin in your skin increases. It’s important that the laser is absorbed into the hair follicle and not the skin.  With increased levels of melanin in the skin the treatment could be less effective, or worse, it could result in burns.

When is the best time to have laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatment is most effective when a clear schedule is followed. If you want laser hair removal to change your appearance in time for your spring or summer holidays then start your treatment in good time. Four to six treatments starting in October and evenly spread out over four to six months normally result in a 70-100% reduction in hair.

However, after being exposed to the sun over the summer, it’s important that your skin tone has returned to normal before you begin your treatment.

Before you begin your treatment:

  • Make sure you are not using any cosmetics such as fake-tan or makeup on the areas that you would like to be treated.
  • Ensure that your skin tone has returned to normal after exposure to the summer sun.
  • If you’re wanting your appearance to change in time for your next holiday, leave enough time for the course of treatment to be carried out effectively.

The value is in sticking to the plan

It is essential that you plan your laser hair removal treatment carefully. When you are spending between £300 and £2500 you want treatment that is safe, effective and value for money. If you take our advice and follow the guidelines your laser hair removal treatment will be timed to perfection.

For help with planning your treatment call one of our clinical experts on 01943 882010 or email the team with any questions at info@goodskindays.co.uk.


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