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Hair Removal: Salon results at home?: We say nono!

no no laser hair removalSo does no no! hair removal really work? We look at the reviews and explain why it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Many people feel that having completely smooth and hair-free skin is a beauty must…and we wouldn’t disagree!  It’s one of our most popular treatments and is something that we have specialised in since Good Skin Days opened its doors.

Some of our patients come to us having spent years shaving, waxing and plucking and feel that now is the time for a more permanent solution to unwanted hair. Others have tried some of the more expensive home hair removal methods, often taken in by their wild claims and promises of fantastic results.

One of the more popular methods of home hair removal on the market is the nono (or no no) hair removal system. Sold at a number of high-street and online retailers across the UK, nono have found themselves at the receiving end of widespread negative reviews on both Amazon and on blogs written by real users.

No No say: “Based on the scientific principles of thermal transference, no!no!® Hair uses this patented technology to conduct a gentle pulse of heat to the hair.”

Real users say: “I have tried the nono system and it is a horrible scam. It burns your hair off leaving an awful black stubble, and my hair is fairly fine. If you make any mistakes it will burn your skin, and that hurts. I get better results from cheap shavers. And the hair will grow back. Save your money and get professional laser treatments instead. This company has the Internet plastered with positive reviews, most of them fake.”

Take some time to click on the links below to hear what people are saying about the nono system:




At Good Skin Days, we are able to achieve genuinely significant hair removal results with our Class 4 medical grade lasers, which target the hair follicles with an intense beam of light energy, destroying them in their ‘active’ growing phase. What is more, we can change the settings on our lasers for maximum effects on your skin and hair type. This is a truly bespoke treatment, tailored to you. Single treatments costs from just £39 and a course of 6 treatments (for optimum results) from just £140…that’s £49.99 cheaper than a no no!

If you would like to find out more about Laser Hair Removal, why not call us on 01943 882010 or email us at:info@goodskindays.co.uk.

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