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Laser Hair Removal Reviews from our Leeds Clinic

Our patients are delighted with the quality of treatment and care at our clinic.  Read some of our recent laser hair removal reviews below.

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Laser Hair Removal  

"I've been very happy with my results of full body laser hair removal, with the growth of hair being no longer a daily struggle.

The service has been exceptional. Very professional and friendly and I was always made to feel comfortable throughout my treatment."

Treated - 03/09/19

Claudette Miller   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Amazing. The treatments were great and staff friendly. Egle was super friendly and always checked on pain levels if applicable - definitely making the experience worth the time and money."

Treated - 17/5/19

Female, 40s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Fantastic friendly staff - Egle is awesome!

Fantastic results. Very pleased."

Treated - 16/5/19

Heidi Turner   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Really good, always made to feel calm during, and really comfortably.

Great service and very friendly."

Treated - 16/5/19

Daisy Pickering   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Have received thorough treatments, very good service. All clinicians have been pleasant and helpful.

Treatments appear to have been successful. I wouldn't hesitate to return here for other procedures as required."

Treated - 12/5/18 - 26/1/19

Female, 50s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Each treatment session, I have been made to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Egle has worked hard to ensure I get good results with the laser hair removal sessions and so far I am very happy with the results.

Egle also did a fantastic job at lasering the verruca I had on my foot for years... it has finally gone - fantastic result!"

Treated - ongoing

Female, 40s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Brilliant service. I was very nervous, but Nahida calms my nerves every time. I have started to recommend some of my friends, one of them has already begun her treatment."

Treated - Nov '18 - ongoing

Female, 40s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Amazing - my practitioner is great. Egle always calms me down before a session because I get really nervous. And Egle is really easy to talk to!"

Treated - ongoing

Female, 20s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"My experience with Laser Hair Removal has been fantastic. The results are brilliant and have boosted my confidence greatly. Egle is lovely and a credit to the team. Thank you SO MUCH!"

Treated - 21/11/18

Female, 20s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Brilliant, friendly, efficient with amazing results."

Treated - 03/11/17 to 11/09/18

Susannah Watson   
Laser Hair Removal  

"It was brilliant. All the staff were friendly, supportive and informative. The use of text and email reminders are really helpful. Plus, the biggest thing is the dramatic difference physically after the procedure.

I couldn't have asked for more - it has changed my life."

Treated - May '18 - ongoing

Female, 20s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Of all the nurses / practitioners that we have used since your opening, Egle has been the most sensitive, professional and knowledgable - we feel confident with her and she never makes you feel embarrassed about something we feel ashamed of. 100% excellent service from Egle."

Treated - May 2018

Females, 20s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I have been very pleased with the facial laser treatment. The care has been of a high standard, the treatment has been explained to me well and carried out professionally. I have felt at ease and confident throughout. The results have been very good."

Treated - March to September 2017

Male, 40s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Great service.

Rhyse has been great, treated all the desired areas, explains what she does and checks if I'm happy."

Treated - ongoing

Bevin Bhoyrul   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I've had laser hair removal on my neck and face. The course has been amazing, I've had fantastic results. This has helped me improve my personal confidence and also it's been amazing in such a short space of time - the results were so easily achievable.

The staff are so helpful and professional. Thank you so much! :)"

Female, 30s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Absolutely thrilled with the results of my laser hair removal. Having sensitive skin, shaving and waxing always caused irritation but this never did - wish I had done it years ago...

The service from GSD was fantastic and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend to everyone. 🙂 Thank you."

Treated - 29/9/16

Kate Asquith   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I am so pleased I decided to go ahead with the treatment, it's been the best thing I've ever done and I feel very grateful I could afford it.

I have confidence for the first time in my life - I can't wait to get my legs out next summer!"

Treated - 17/11/16

Gemma Ramshaw   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I can't praise the Good Skin Days team enough - from start to finish they have been so welcoming and professional, and my laser treatment results have been fantastic - no more shaving!! I'd highly recommend them and the treatments they do - worth every penny and you won't regret it! Thanks GSD!"

Treated - 19/10/16

Charlotte Sullivan   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Very happy with results and treatment. Staff is amazing. Wish I found this clinic before. Won't be going elsewhere now. 🙂 "

Treated - August 2016

Aisha Ashfaq   
Laser Hair Removal  

"From the beginning of my treatment until now, the improvement has been drastic. Not only in the actual appearance of my face, but my confidence and attitude also. Many thanks to Rachel and all the team at Good Skin Days. It's been brilliant and I highly recommend."

Treated - 17/3/16

Aneesa Ejaz   
Laser Hair Removal  

"The service at GSD is excellent, the staff are friendly and professional. It is my fourth treatment and I can say the results are improving on every visit. The treatment itself is quick and pain-free as possible. I highly recommend the laser hair removal treatment."

Treated 23/10/15

Farrah Khan   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I was recommended to Good Skin Days by another lady in the profession who no longer offered laser treatments. I have been very impressed with the service I have received so far. i have had three treatments to date and the results are amazing!

The staff are very friendly and give clear, concise information before and during the treatment, and answered all my questions, putting me at ease.

Would definitely recommend, just I wish I had heard about them sooner!!!"

Treated 23/10/15

Jill Rodham   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I have been extremely happy with the results of my treatments. The staff are very friendly and helpful."

Treated - 11/10/15

Joanne Mitchell   
Laser Hair Removal  

"The staff at Good Skin Days are very friendly and welcoming. The treatment I have had has made a great impact on my confidence. The treatment has considerably reduced the hairs on my face and underarms. Just a few more treatments to go before I can feel confident and comfortable within myself."

Treated October 2015 - ongoing

Laser Hair Removal  

"I found the staff at the clinic very professional, helpful and polite. I am extremely thrilled with my overall experience at the clinic so far. I was given a package which suited my needs and was great value for money. Although I have only had one treatment so far, I have already seen great results.

Wish I had come years ago when I first started IPL treatment. Thank you sooo much."

Treated 5/10/15

Aisha Ashfaq   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I would highly recommend laser hair removal. Fantastic results. Wish I had done it years ago.

Staff providing the treatment were wonderful and very helpful and down to earth - make you feel comfortable."

Treated - 5/10/15

Rebecca McBride   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Having polycystic ovaries, I have tried every kind of hair removal and it's often a very embarrassing side effect having excessive hair, which not all people understand. GSD are extremely professional, empathetic without being patronising, friendly and efficient."

Treated October 2015 - ongoing

Fiona Stuart   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I am currently undergoing laser hair removal at Good Skin Days. After just two treatments the results are already amazing!

Staff are all very professional and friendly. I am very impressed. I just wish I had done this sooner!!!"

Treated August 2015 - ongoing

Caroline Albrecht   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Staff at GSD are very helpful and friendly. Rachel has made me feel very comfortable and has been able to answer any of my questions. I have already recommended this treatment and the clinic to several friends."

Treated August 2015 - ongoing

Emma Kitson   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I have been hugely impressed with the service received from Good Skin Days. My practitioner has been fantastic - friendly, knowledgable and professional. Every contact with the clinic, whether on the phone or in person, has been efficient and friendly - would highly recommend - and the results have been great too!"

Treated May 2015 - December 2015

Female, 30s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I have always received fantastic service and had a pleasant experience. Laura made me feel very comfortable and explained everything thoroughly.

I have noticed a massive improvement already, which has been life changing. I feel more confident and people always comment on how more confident and happy I seem!"

Treated January 2015 - October 2015

Lisa Nicholson   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I first contacted GSD in February 2014 for laser hair removal advice. Right from the first consultation everyone was very helpful and friendly. I was informed of all the potential expectations. Each treatment has been fully explained.

During this time I have also begun to transition from male to female. Everyone has been really supportive and helpful. I have also started tattoo removal and found exactly the same level of professionalism. I would recommend GSD to anyone."

Treated February 2014 - ongoing

Tamsin Worrall   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Very welcoming and comfortable. Staff are efficient, discreet and considerate. Treatment is comfortable and every effort is made to put the client at their ease and minimise any discomfort.

I found laser hair removal less painful than I'd anticipated and it has turned out to be extremely effective. I would return to this clinic again - very good!"

Treated 2014 - ongoing

Female, 60s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Laser hair removal has worked fantastically well for me. The results have been visible, which has impacted on my confidence immensely and has impacted on my confidence immensely and has enabled me to lead a more fulfilling relationship with my partner where previously I was self conscious and lacking in body confidence. Furthermore, I no longer suffer with scarring from waxing and epilation or skin irritation from ingrowing hairs and infection.

I was very confident that this clinic aimed to achieve maximum results for me whereas others have decreased power setting and prolonged treatment to try to get me to buy more packages.

The cost was very competitive and the unlimited full body option was exceptional value for me, having suffered from hirsutism all over whilst having pale skin.

The therapists I have had have all been friendly and professional, never once making me feel embarrassed despite the areas they were having to treat. Highly recommended indeed."

Treated July 2014 - Present

Female, 30s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I booked laser hair removal for my underarms and was so impressed with the results that I booked in for my lower legs as well. I had six sessions for each area and for each session I was impressed with the friendliness of Laura who treated me, as well as the end results.

I was given all the information required about the treatments and advised about the top-up sessions. I would highly recommend Good Skin Days and especially Laura."

Treated 24/3/15

Amanda Mettrick   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I am really pleased with the results from having laser hair removal on my legs.

The clinic itself is excellent with very professional staff."

Treated February 2015

Catherine Lewis   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I'm very happy - in fact have been using the clinic for about two years for laser treatment.

The nurse is very helpful, kind and patient to explain to me if I ask her some questions about the treatment.

The clinic is very professional and clean. So far I've never had any issues and any time I've asked to change appointments they have been very helpful."

Treated 2013 - Ongoing

Female, 30s   
Laser Hair Removal  

"I had laser hair removal for those irritating tiny hairs that appear on the chin. The treatment was fast, effective and relatively pain-free. I would recommend the practitioners at GSD.

Professional and caring."

Treated Spring 2014 - October 2014

Siobhan Roberts   
Laser Hair Removal  

"The clinic looks professional, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The treatment so far seems to have worked and my hair is reducing after only two sessions."

Treated August 2013 - Ongoing

Stuart Thomas   
Laser Hair Removal  

"Been very happy with the service. Everyone is really polite, especially taking into account my needs. The only issue is that I had to wait for my treatment on a couple of occasions, but nothing too serious."

Treated November 2011 - Ongoing

Georgia Orfanidou   
Laser Hair Removal  

''I was prepared professionally, informed of prices and the procedure. The treatment itself was using hi tech machinery, which I thought would do a comprehensive job. The service was really good, which meant I was able to believe I would get a highly successful result, which I have with all the hair being removed. This has given much more confidence in my appearance. I get the impression that Good Skin Days provides the best service against similar clinics.''

Treated April 2013 - December 2013

Robert Wright   
Laser Hair Removal  

''Excellent service provided by Laura - always polite and courteous and goes the extra mile to make sure I am happy.

Very practical good advise given. Laser hair removal has worked for me, my hair is thinner and a lot finer.

I would recommend Good Skin Days and especially Laura.''

Treated May 2013 - December 2013

Najma Karim   
Laser Hair Removal  

''I have found the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable.

I chose Good Skin Days as I felt assured, the service has been A class and very professional.

I would definitely recommend Good Skin Days.''

Treated August 2013 - Present

Tahir Ashraf   
Laser Hair Removal  

''I have been coming to the clinic for over 2 years having a variety of treatments. The results are always excellent & the service is great.

Despite moving to live 20 miles away I still come here because it is worth traveling for. Rachel is a wonderful asset to the clinic, she is always friendly, polite and professional no matter where she is lasering you. I have also recently had a skin analysis and the recommended products have been superb and I am seeing results already.

I would recommend the clinic to everyone (and frequently do).''

Treated February 2011 - Present

Madeline Smith   
Laser Hair Removal  

''I have had laser hair removal at Good Skin Days. After years of waxing, I initially decided to have treatment on my legs, bikini and underarms. Two years later I have never had to wax!!!

When deciding on the clinic for the treatment, I had shopped around and spoke to practitioners at other clinics. Good Skin Days were by far the most professional, knowledgeable and friendly and their prices were competitive in comparison.

I have also returned since and had treatment on other small areas. I am exceptionally pleased with the results and would recommend Good Skin Days to anyone thinking of having laser hair removal treatments.''

Treated January 2011 - Present

Frances Vaughan   
Laser Hair Removal  

''The information I received at my consultation was great, I felt comfortable and confident about the process and I'm seeing brilliant results.

The staff at Good Skin Days are lovely, friendly and always very helpful.''

Treated March 2013 - Present

Rebecca Hinkler   
Laser Hair Removal  

''The clinic is very clean and modern. Very good literature which explains procedures fully.

The treatment was very effective!''

Treated December 2012 - September 2013

Diane Germaine   
Laser Hair Removal  

''Excellent customer service as always, this was my third visit and treatment at the clinic which was extremely professional and so far the results have amazed me.''

Treated June 2013 - Present

Naomi Kent   
Laser Hair Removal  

''Service is excellent, they fit appointments around me making everything easier.

The treatments are fast, pain free and aftercare is provided. Noticeable reduction in hair growth.

Thank you!''

Treated October 2012 - June 2013

Annabel Asquith   
Laser Hair Removal  

''After years of suffering from facial hair it was time to get it sorted. I researched on the internet and found Good Skin Days. They nhad an offer on which attracted me but importantly their laser hair removal testimonials were good. I went for a consultation and decided to have the test patch on the same day, I was treated by Natasha.

After seven months of going I can say it was the best thing I've done!

It's a little further to travel but the service provided is excellent! well worth the journey's. The staff are polite, considerate and very accommodating to time and changing appointments. The clinic is very hygienic but doesn't have 'the hospital feel'.

I felt comfortable throughout the whole process and found the pain to be average but worth it (I do have coarse hair). I highly recommend this clinic and I now have other procedures done as well. My family are also clients at the clinic now and have had several procedures done.

Overall I'm very happy! God Skin Days = Good Happy Me :)''

Treated October 2012 - April 2013

Nazmeen Mushtaq   
Laser Hair Removal  

''I'm really pleased with the results of my laser hair removal treatment - I was surprised at how effective it was!

A big thank you to Natasha and the team at Good Skin Days for making me feel relaxed and welcome at every appointment. I've gone from having to shave my underarms every day to not at all - its a massive difference in lifestyle which I'm really happy with!''

Treated December 2012 - July 2013

Sarah Oliver   
Laser Hair Removal  

''The staff are extremely helpful and professional. My treatment was explained and delivered in a very sensitive and thorough manner.

The results are amazing - I had lots of very course dark hair on my upper lip and chin, after 6 treatments I'm now left with no dark hairs and the odd very fine blonde hairs.

Thank you, I have regained some of my confidence!''

Treated August 2012 - May 2013

Laser Hair Removal  

''Following years of trying lots of hair removal methods including alternative salon treatments I came to Good Skin Days as a last resort expecting an equally limited result. The expertise and empathy of the team can only be described as amazing. My initial experience left me feeling reassured that laser hair removal would be a success. Results improved DRAMATICALLY after the first treatment leaving me feeling more confident and happy to be seen without heavy concealers and specialised make up.

I would recommend Good Skin Days universally!''

Treated April 2011 - March 2012

L Hilton   
Laser Hair Removal  

''I have had a course of treatment for laser hair removal on several areas and I'm delighted with the results, with 98% hair reduction. I definitely would recommend this treatment! There is no need to feel embarrassed, the staff are all completely professional and make you feel at ease throughout your treatment.

No more worrying about shaving for me!''

Treated June 2011 - March 2012

P Beveridge   

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