Laser Hair Removal for Women who have Polycystic Ovaries

The benefits of laser hair removal for women who have PCOS are significant, having a great impact on the amount and the rate of hair growth. By the end of a course of treatment, we typically see at least 90% hair reduction.

Benefits at a Glance

Good Skin Days is the home of Pay-As-You-Go Laser Hair Removal in Leeds. That means we offer our best prices to all our patients without signing a contract or taking payment for a full course of treatment up front before you start. It's the easiest and best value way to have hair removal.

  • Freedom from shaving
  • Treatments from £39
  • No prepaid contracts
  • No misleading discounts
  • Latest model superior diode lasers

Initially we would recommend a course of eight treatments on the area(s) of concern, then a maintenance treatment every three to four months. However, this is very much dependent on each patient, and some will not need many maintenance treatments at all.

The question that we get asked most frequently at Good Skin Days regarding Laser Hair Removal for women who have Polycystic Ovaries is whether “Laser Hair Removal is a permanent solution?”. The answer is that we typically see long term reduction of up to 90%. But any hormone changes, for example those experienced during pregnancy, can lead to changes in hair growth. So some people return for top-up treatments, which we offer for the same price as treatments in the original course - most clinics charge extra for individual appointments.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

£39 Areas
Upper Lip
Cheek Bones
Nose – Exterior
Navel Pubis
Hands & Fingers
Feet & Toes
Back of Neck
£49 Areas
Upper Lip + Chin
Jawline + Chin
Bikini – Classic
Front of Neck
Upper Back
Lower Back
Upper Arms
Lower Arms
£59 Areas
Bikini – Brazilian/Hollywood
Bikini – Classic + Underarms
Upper Lip + Chin + Jawline
1/2 Face + Front of Neck
£69 Areas
Bikini – Brazilian/Hollywood + Underarms
Full Face
Full Arms
Upper Legs
Lower Legs
Full Back
£99 Areas
Full Legs
£249 Areas
Full Body Excluding Face
£299 Areas
Full Body Including Face
20% MULTI-AREA DISCOUNT Purchase more than one area and get 20% off** the combined price.

Full Body Areas and Multi-Area Discounts: These special prices apply when all the areas are treated in the same appointment.

Before and After

Authentic laser hair removal photos taken at our clinic in Leeds.

Laser hair removal in Leeds - Before
Laser hair removal in Leeds - After

Before and After

Authentic laser hair removal photos taken at our clinic in Leeds.

Laser hair removal in Leeds - Before
Laser hair removal in Leeds - After

"I've been very happy with my results of full body laser hair removal, with the growth of hair being no longer a daily struggle.

The service has been exceptional. Very professional and friendly and I was always made to feel comfortable throughout my treatment."

Claudette Miller

"Amazing. The treatments were great and staff friendly. My practitioner was super friendly and always checked on pain levels if applicable - definitely making the experience worth the time and money."

Female, 40s

Liz's Laser Hair Removal Story

A patient shares her experience of having laser hair removal

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