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Skin Tag Removal

A skin tag is a common benign condition, which consists of a small lump of skin projecting from the surrounding skin. The medical term for a skin tag is a cutaneous papilloma or an acrochordon. Skin tags can vary in appearance; they may be smooth or irregular, flesh coloured or more deeply pigmented.  They may be raised above the surrounding skin or have a stalk (a peduncle), so that the skin tag hangs from the skin.

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Under the microscope the outer layer of the skin tag (the epidermis) shows overgrowth (hyperplasia) which encloses an underlying layer of skin (the dermis) in which, the normally present collagen fibres appear loose and swollen. These tiny skin growths generally cause no symptoms unless they are repeatedly irritated by clothing or shaving.

Skin tags can occur almost anywhere. However, the most common sites are the eyelids, neck, armpits (axillae), upper chest and groin. They are more common in middle age and tend to be more prevalent in women than men.

We are a fully registered and insured clinic offering both surgical and laser Skin Tag Removal.

Skin Tag Removal procedures are carried out by one of our Consultants or Doctors at the Skin Surgery Clinic, based here at Good Skin Days. Below is a summary of information regarding wart removal, but for more detailed information, videos of the treatment, before and after pictures and patients’ testimonials please click here to view this treatment on the Skin Surgery Clinic’s dedicated website. The Skin Surgery Clinic is part of Good Skin Days and all procedures are carried out at our registered medical clinic.

Read more about Skin Tag Removal on our dedicated Skin Surgery Clinic website.

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