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Why don’t patients know about Laser Facial Thread Vein Removal?

Patients who have facial thread veins removed at our clinic are often surprised by how easy and quick the treatment is. They seem to expect that removal of spider veins is a complex or painful procedure, and are pleasantly surprised when it’s not. In this blog we’ll look at the basics of Laser Facial Thread Vein Treatment and how you could benefit from it.

What are facial thread veins?

Thread veins are tiny blood vessels that present on the skin’s surface. On the face they’re most commonly found on or around the nose and cheeks. The veins are usually red in colour but can also be purple or blue.

Pictures taken five minutes apart

Pictures taken just five minutes apart

Why are people not aware that they can have facial thread veins removed?

Treating facial thread veins via laser is actually a highly successful and predictable treatment.

A lot of our patients have been to see their GPs and have been given no advice of how to treat them, as it’s not something the NHS actively offers. The advice many patients are given seems to be “there are private providers that offer treatment, so Google it”. 

Another reason is that it’s not marketed as much by private clinics as the demand is not the same as other laser treatments such as hair removal and tattoo removal. This is strange as a large percentage of the UK population do suffer from facial thread veins but due to the lack of NHS coverage they simply continue with them.

Are thread veins dangerous?

The simple answer is no. But the earlier you treatment them, the easier it is to remove them.

How much does it cost to remove facial thread veins?

At Good Skin Days, thread vein removal via laser costs on average £80 – £100 per treatment. Every patient is different but usually improvements can be seen immediately after the first treatment. Most patients will see a positive result after two or three treatments, meaning the average total cost is about £240 – £300.

Who can have this treatment?

There are some limitations as to who can have this treatment.

Patients with skin that has dark pigmentation are often not suitable – this can include Asian, African and Caribbean skin types. Anyone with an active sun tan, or fake tan, are not suitable – meaning the best time to have this treatment done is in the winter. There are also certain medications such as Roaccutane that would prevent treatment.

How long does treatment take?

Most clinics will offer a consultation with a view to carrying out a test patch on the day. They would then look to book your first appointment 3-4 weeks after, allowing time to assess the initial response.

They would also leave a similar amount of time between each treatment so from start to finish (three treatments) you could expect it to take a minimum of three months.

Do they reappear?

No. Once the vein is removed it cannot come back, though sometimes different veins can present in a similar place later.

There are no specific explanations of why certain people get thread veins but some of the contributing factors can be:

  • Working outdoors or spending a lot of time outdoors (for example walking or cycling)
  • Alcohol
  • Inherited tendencies
  • Long-term use of some medications
  • Age
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  1. Khadijah Patel says

    If I wanted to get my full arms full legs bikin like extended underarms fingers toes and nipples and upper lip done how much would it cost and would it be?

  2. Ryan Lawrence says

    Hi i have a small patch of spider viens on the side of my inner leg can the laser be used to remove the viens from the legs or just the facial area?

  3. Doug Sinnott says

    I had a cancerous melanoma removed from the side of your nose a couple of years ago,via the NHS.
    Since then a couple of noticeable thread veins have appeared on the side of my nose,following the operation,,can I have them removed at the same clinic?
    Thank you

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