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Lip Fillers - do we have realistic expectations?

Kylie Jenner and her lips continue to take up column inches but is it all filler?

Lip Fillers - do we have realistic expectations?In my time at Good Skin Days, I have seen lip fillers go from being a subtle treatment, popular with our more mature customers, to a treatment that is becoming more and more popular with young people wanting a glamorous look. In this blog I will explain why this treatment is not to be taken lightly.

Unrealistic comparisons?

We have had a number of young people visit the clinic with a photo of Kylie Jenner. Our job is to give them the facts.

The age of people seeking injectable treatments has dropped significantly, particularly people looking for lip fillers. There is no doubt, that the representation of celebrities with what are commonly known as OTT (over the top) lips is contributing to this upsurge. When we meet people who are looking to achieve this look, it is important that we present people with the facts, not only about the treatment but about the images that they are seeing in the media.

Kylie Jenner exists in a world where teams of experts prepare celebrities for every photo shoot or public appearance. The images we see often represent celebrities after expensive make up has been administered by a team of professionals and state of the art software has sharpened or softened the aesthetic. These realities must be taken into account when we are discussing treatment and as I always say, it is our professional duty to present the facts and manage expectations.

No quick fixes

It’s a gradual process. We are a registered medical clinic and we won’t promise to change the way people look overnight.

It is also important to ensure that people are fully aware of any problems that might occur and that they are realistic about the process that they need to go through to achieve the best results. Deciding to have lip fillers is a big decision for a young person and an expensive one at that.

We make it clear that this process will physically change the shape of their lips, their lips may bruise and swell and take some time to return to normal. This means the timing of the treatment is essential, particularly if someone is aiming to look good for a special day or public event. We recommend that injectable lip treatment should be carried out at least four weeks before a specific event. As with all our treatments, following a professional plan is the best way of achieving good results.

The best results are always achieved through a gradual process rather than a one stop fix. If someone is looking to change the shape of their lips, they should embark on a treatment plan of three or four treatments. The treatment increases the volume of the lips and this is a building process that takes time.

It’s also important that young people understand that the treatment is not permanent. The product used in the treatment is hyaluronic acid – a natural product that will wear off as the body becomes used to it. Lips will return to their natural state over time, so multiple treatments will be needed to maintain the look.

We have had some great results with younger clients and there is no doubt that lip fillers are growing in popularity amongst this age group but it is important that young people have a realistic understanding of the process involved. As with all treatments, it is important that our clients have a medical consultation, a professional plan and set of realistic expectations before the process begins.

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