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Satisfaction or your money back on Laser Hair Removal

This Spring we’re making a promise we’ve never made before. Read on to find out what it is.

Laser Hair Removal – there are so many options!

You’re considering Laser Hair Removal but are not sure how well it’ll work for you. Or maybe you’ve looked at dozens of websites of different salons and clinics offering treatment, and are not sure how to decide. You just know you want smooth skin, and it feels risky committing to a course of Laser Hair Removal at a clinic you’ve never been treated at before.

It’s understandable! And we have the same aim – we only want delighted patients who love the results they’re getting and can’t wait to come back to finish their course of treatment.

Looking forward to your next treatment

With that in mind, this Spring we’re inviting anyone who starts a new course of Laser Hair Removal treatment to ask for their money back if they’re not satisfied that they can see or feel the difference after their first session of treatment.

We’ll cover the details further down the page, but first let’s explain why we’re making this offer.

You say a course takes up to eight treatments – why?

It’s really important to do Laser Hair Removal gradually. The best Practitioners are careful to protect your skin at the same time as paying close attention to the follicles they’re treating.

It’s sad to hear there are still businesses offering courses of as few four treatments, because we know that patients will almost certainly be left with an incomplete result. Some will feel forced to pay more to complete their treatment than they were led to believe at the beginning.

We want our patients to be delighted with the investment they’ve made in their skin, so we will always be honest with you about the process we’ll guide you on to get the results we all want for you.

Why are you so confident?

Honestly, it’s because we know what we’re doing.

Laser Hair Removal isn’t for everyone. If you’ve got a recent tan, if your hair is too light, or if you want to keep waxing in between appointments, our Practitioners will not treat you. We’ve blogged in the past about the dangers of burns caused by practitioners raising patients’ expectations falsely or by using inferior IPL equipment. We take every precaution to make sure that people who begin a course of Laser Hair Removal at Good Skin Days will complete it safely and with fantastic results.

In short, if we do our job well, we don’t expect lots of disappointed patients.

Here are some of the reasons we continue to stand out:

  • Good Skin Days has been here for eight years, but our management team have decades of experience in looking after people’s skin.
  • Our Practitioners are working in a regulated medical environment, with oversight from our Medical Director David Watt.
  • We have a range of Medical Grade Class 4 Lasers, and the team are well trained in using them on different skin types and hair tones.

So what are the details?

There isn’t much small print in this offer.

If you follow our usual process and if we approve you for treatment, we expect you to be able to leave your first treatment already able to see a reduction in hair in the area we’re treating. Not a final result, but obvious progress.

If you’re not satisfied, talk to us and we’ll refund your first session.

All that we ask is that if you later decide to resume Laser Hair Removal treatment with us, you will need to pay again for that first session. We think that’s fair.

Next steps

If you want to read more about your options for treatment, read our main Laser Hair Removal page.

If you’re ready to come in and meet us for a consultation:

To begin your journey to smooth skin…
Call 01943 882010 or email info@goodskindays.co.uk for an appointment
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