Laser Verruca Removal in Leeds

At Good Skin Days we offer verruca removal by the specialist QuadroStar Pro yellow light laser. Treatment will take approximately 15 minutes, however it may take longer depending on the number of verrucae being treated. A single treatment costs from £65 and there will be a need for multiple treatments depending on the stubbornness of the verruca(e).

Verruca Removal in Leeds and Bradford by Laser

What are Verrucas?

A verruca is an infection of the epidermis layer of the skin due to one of the numerous human papilloma viruses (HPV). They are contracted when an individual has broken skin (such as a cut or graze), allowing the virus to invade and trigger the rapid growth of cells on the outer layer of the skin. Verrucae are only found on feet.

Before and After

Verruca Removal by Yellow Light Laser Verruca Removal

Laser Verruca Removal Treatment prices

All procedures are carried out by an experienced skin practitioner.

Small area£65
Medium area£85
Large area£105
Extra-large area£125

The size of area to be treated will be discussed during your consultation. Multiple treatments are likely to be required for complete treatment.

Who carries out this procedure

What is included in the free Verruca Removal Consultation?

Your free consultation will be with one of our clinical nurses. In the consultation they will assess your verruca and decide whether it is suitable for treatment. Prior to your treatment you will also be assessed by a Doctor, this is included in the overall cost of the treatment.

Am I at risk?

A fully qualified Doctor will carefully examine your verruca before any treatment commences and also check your medical background. If there is any doubt, you will be referred back to your GP.

How will my Verruca be removed?

Before the area is treated, we will ask you to prepare the verruca by removing the dead skin surrounding it. You will be provided with a pre-treatment advice sheet to follow. The laser produces light energy that selectively targets and destroys the blood vessels that nourish the verruca, as well as thermally destroying the virus.

Before and After

Verruca Removal by Cynosure Elite Laser Verruca Removal