Rhinophyma Treatment

We offer Rhinophyma Treatment by laser surgery with one of our specialist Consultant Plastic Surgeons.

Rhinophyma Treatment in Leeds

Rhinophyma is a skin condition of the nose. It can cause physical and emotional discomfort. Our clinic specialises in laser treatment for Rhinophyma, carried out by our Medical Director Mr David Watt.

  • Non-invasive laser procedure
  • Excess glandular tissue removed
  • Nose is restored to a more natural profile
  • Treatment with a Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Rhinophyma Treatment in Leeds - Before and After photos

During your consultation we will discuss the condition of your nose and examine it to check it is suitable for this treatment. We will discuss the procedure itself, the outcomes you hope to get from it, and the aftercare you will follow afterwards.

Rhinophyma Treatment Prices

Consultation with Consultant Plastic Surgeon£175
Rhinophyma Treatment£1995

Rhinophyma is linked to rosacea, a chronic skin condition. Like Rosacea, the exact cause of Rhinophyma is hard to determine.

Possible factors include your own genetics, environmental factors, and vascular abnormalities.

Over time, untreated rosacea can lead to Rhinophyma, characterised by the thickening and distortion of the nose as excess oily tissue builds up.

Using a specialist yellow light laser, Mr Watt removes the built-up tissue and reshapes your nose to a more natural profile and texture.

Who carries out this treatment?

David Watt Surgeon team web

Mr David Watt

Clinic Medical Director
Consultant Plastic Surgeon