Medical-grade micro-needling technique which stimulates the skin's healing process to renew, smooth and revive problem areas.

Benefits at a Glance

Genuine DermaPen™ is a medical procedure carried out by a qualified member of the treating staff at Good Skin Days, usually by one of our trained Practitioners.

  • A medical procedure, carried out by a qualified practitioner
  • Micro-needles penetrate the dermis
  • The body responds with a healing process
  • Improves the appearance of scars
  • Skin looks smoother and younger
Dermapen Leeds treatment benefits

Genuine DermaPen is a medical procedure carried out by a qualified Practitioner at Good Skin Days.

The DermaPen is a sterile medical device, which contains twelve micro-needles in the tip. The DermaPen is applied to the surface of the skin, and the micro-needles penetrate the dermis (the second layer of tissue which lies between the Epidermis and the Hypodermis) which is the layer that contains the collagen and elastin properties.

The body responds by creating a healing process, enhancing the production of collagen and elastin within the skin, regenerating it and improving its appearance. Treatments take approximately one hour.

DermaPen Prices

Single Treatment£175
Course of 3£480
Course of 6£900

DermaPen® is a micro-needling tool used to directly treat problematic areas of the skin, boosting collagen production and encouraging cellular renewal.

Through expert administration, the Dermapen® creates microscopic punctures the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and dermis (inner layer of skin), encouraging the body to repair itself.

Patients who are struggling with acne scarring, poor skin quality, loss of volume or wrinkles, choose DermaPen® as an effective tool for rejuvenation and repair.

Who carries out this treatment?


Daiva Partington

Lead Practitioner


Mary Gait