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 Obagi brings us the 360 System!

‘Next generation skin care for the next generation.’

You are never to young to start looking after your skin. Visible signs of skin ageing starts in our mid 20’s as the collagen, elastin production and cell activity within our skin slows down. Skin is also effected by damaging external factors such as UV rays, Pollution, Smoking etc.

This kit is ideal for younger skin types as its simple to use, not too harsh and will help promote healthy radiant skin. The Obagi 360 system has been designed to protect and enhance youthful skin.

Lets take a look inside the Obagi 360 System….

1. Exfoliating Cleanser – 8/10





This cleanser has a gorgeous papaya smell. The texture feels like small sugar granules and these gently remove dead skin cells. I found the exfoliating granules a little rough for every day use. I would use this cleanser every other day until your skin can tolerate everyday. My skin did feel very clean, smooth and soft after using this cleanser.

2. HydraFactor SPF 30 – ( Daily Moisturiser) 9/10





This daily moisturiser is great! Really hydrating and not greasy. It is based on the famously popular Obagi Hydrate. A little goes along way with this product, so apply a large pea sized amount to your face and neck. It absorbs quickly into the skin and also soothes irritated skin. I love the fact that is contains a Broad Spectrum SPF 30, so there is no need to apply an additional SPF product in the morning as it moisturises and protects your skin!

3. Retinol 0.5 –  8/10





It’s great to introduce a Retinol into your skin care routine especially if you suffer with acne, oily skin or uneven skin tone. However if your skin is not problematic I would use this product 1-2 times a week and gradually build up the use to 2-3 week. (Click here to read my blog on Retinol, the do’s and dont’s and the benefits…) I have tried various retinols and I like the creamy texture of this product, its easy to apply! Apply on a night after cleansing and always apply an SPF the following day.

The 360 Kit lasts around three months.

I give this kit 8.5/10. It’s a great overall skin care system that addresses all your skin care needs and will protect and promote healthy skin!

Tamara Gill

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