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8 Week Under-Eye Treatment Programme

This offer is available from 1st February 2018 and the treatment programme can begin at any time during February.

The problematic under-eye area:

We are often asked the best way of tackling this area of concern at Good Skin Days. Many people suffer with fine lines and wrinkles in the under-eye area, as well as ‘eye bags’, dark circles and a heavy or sunken appearance. Our patients often feel that their under-eye area ages them prematurely and makes them look excessively tired.

The team at Good Skin Days have put together this product and treatment package to effectively tackle this area.

Tried and tested results:

Egle, Adele, Rachel, Chris and Helena are shown having this treatment. We are committed to bringing you treatments which we believe in.

To improve your under-eye area in 8 weeks…
Call 01943 882010 or email info@goodskindays.co.uk for an appointment

The 8 week course involves:

Six Skin Tightening treatments focussed on the under-eye area. During each 30 minute treatment, the face will be fully cleansed, then we will use the EndyMed 3DEEP radio frequency hand piece to deliver electromagnetic energy, which is transmitted to the deep layers of the skin where lasers and other devices cannot penetrate. The collagen in the skin heats to a level where it will contract and start to tighten and lift the skin. This is the immediate response to the skin tightening treatment, the ongoing benefit being the production of new collagen which re-models your skin naturally, producing long term tighter and firmer skin.

After each skin tightening treatment, the skin will be cleansed again and iS Clinical products will be applied to ensure that you leave the clinic feeling fabulous.

The course also includes:

An iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex product (worth £80) to take home and to use daily. This is a breakthrough formula which utilises advanced technologies to combat the visual signs of aging. Powerful peptides, key growth factors, and potent antioxidants help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and visably brighten the under-eye area to keep skin moist, smooth and protected all day long. We have had fabulous results from this product at the clinic.

We are confident that this combination of treatments and daily product use will improve your under-eye area significantly.


Please inform us prior to booking if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions:

  • Do you have or have a history of herpes simplex (cold sores) or other skin infections?
  • Do you suffer from any illnesses e.g. diabetes, angina, epilepsy, hepatitis, auto immune disease?
  • Are you taking any medication or supplements which would have an anti-coagulant effect, such as Aspirin, Warfarin or Omega-3?
  • Are you taking any other medication (if yes, please specify below)?
  • Do you suffer from any other known allergies?
  • Are you using topical retinoids / vitamin A products or have you taken oral retinoids (Roaccutane) in the past 12 months?
  • Have you had any surgical procedures in the treatment area in the last 6 months?
  • Have you undergone a dermabrasion, laser resurfacing or skin peel in the last 3 months?

We WOULD NOT be able to treat you with under-eye skin tightening if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions:

  • Do you have an implanted pacemaker, defribrillator, arrhythmia or any other known heart disorder?
  • Do you have any other implantable metal device in the treatment area?
  • Do you have any semi-permanent make-up/tattoo /body piercing in the treatment area?
  • Do you have any keloid scars, suspicious lesions or active cutaneous inflammation in the treatment area?
  • Do you have or have you had any form of skin cancer?
  • Are you taking / receiving steroids, chemotherapy, radiotherapy?
  • Are you pregnant or is there any possibility that you are pregnant?
  • Are you breastfeeding?

Price of the 8 week programme:

Course of 6 TreatmentsUSUALLY £441
iS Clinical Youth Eye ComplexUSUALLY £80
To improve your under-eye area in 8 weeks…
Call 01943 882010 or email info@goodskindays.co.uk for an appointment

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