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My Review – Magnifibres brush on false lashes

My Product Review – This week its Magnifibres!



My social calendar was pretty busy during Christmas and New Year so it was a great time to review Magnifibres brush on false lashes. I always want to make sure the products I stock are worth it and work!


Magnifibres brush on false lashes – 9/10

Price – £18.99

What is it?  – A mascara which consists of white cotton fibres which you then apply to your mascara for added thickness and length.

I often use false lashes to add extra volume and length to my natural lashes. I decided to change my usual routine and use Magnifibres brush on false lashes. I applied my usual mascara (I use Rimmel volume flash the max bold curves mascara) then ensuring my mascara was still wet I applied the Magnifibres. I made sure the white cotton fibers were applied evenly to all my lashes including the bottom lashes. I waited 30 seconds then applied a second coat of my normal mascara making sure all the white fibres were covered.

My main concern was that Magnifibres may be tricky to apply and irritate my eyes. However applying it was really easy (compared to the stress that can come with applying falsies!) My eyes are very sensitive and the cotton fibres did not bother my eyes at all. I removed my eye make up as usual with SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Cleanser and had no problem removing the magnifibres.

My tip – Make sure your normal mascara isn’t dry, the fibres need to attach to wet mascara for it to work effectively.

If the fuss of false lashes aren’t for you, or you want to add thickness and length to your normal lashes then magnifibres are definitely for you!

Tamara Gill



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