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Making Facial Thread Veins a thing of the past

Our new yellow laser, used for facial thread vein treatment

Facial Thread Veins are now a thing of the past with our state-of-the-art QuadroStarPRO yellow laser.

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The medical term for facial thread veins (spider veins) on the nose and cheeks is facial telangiectasia. They are usually caused by a backup of blood. Whilst they are not dangerous to your health, they can be difficult to conceal with makeup.

Many of our clients have reported previous feelings of self-consciousness and a lack of confidence in their appearance prior to treatment.

These veins become more common and visible on the face and body as you get older and the skin naturally loses elasticity. They can be congenital, so you may have been born with them, or they could have developed over the course of many years. Sun exposure is another aggravator, alongside rosacea, smoking, alcohol and liver disease.

Luckily, here at Good Skin Days, removing thread veins has become easier than ever with our new yellow laser which is recognised as the gold standard for vascular treatments.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small, damaged blood vessels that appear on the face and body. Healthy vessels carry blood to the heart through one-way valves which ensure the blood flows in the correct direction. Defective valves allow blood to flow backward and pool inside the vein, which results in a build-up of pressure. These weakened and twisted blood vessels run close to the surface of the skin, making them visible. They can appear blue, purple or red and can appear in the form of thin lines, branches or cobwebs – which is why they are commonly known as spider veins.

Yellow Light Laser treatment for Facial Thread Veins

Are thread veins dangerous?

The simple answer is no. But the earlier you start treatment, the easier it is to remove them.

How do we remove then?

The yellow light that is emitted by our newest laser is converted into heat, damaging the defective blood vessels which makes them disappear. The blood readily absorbs the light while the surrounding tissues do not, ensuring effective damage to the blood vessel while protecting the surrounding skin at the same time.

So with our yellow laser, we have dramatically improved the process of treating these veins – making treatment quick and efficient whilst achieving immediate and longer lasting results.

Read more about facial thread vein treatment.

How does treatment work?

Our Asclepion QuadroStarPRO is the most advanced yellow laser available. It has a higher rate of absorption in red blood cells than any other lasers – meaning you get visible results much faster. So, if you have had facial thread veins treated previously on a laser course of at least six treatments, you could now achieve visible results from just the first session.

Small vessels in the face can usually be removed successfully with one to three treatments.

You would come in for an initial consultation, where an assessment of the veins and test patch would be carried out. After a test patch is carried out, you can book an appointment as soon as two days later. Should more than one treatment be needed, these will happen at four week intervals.

Like all laser treatments, there may be occasionally be some side effects in the form of mild crusting of the skin. Most of these disappear within three to ten days. To combat this, our laser has a highly efficient skin cooling system to calm and soothe the skin. This keeps side-effects to a minimum, and guarantees a safe and comfortable treatment.

Treatments start from just £120. To book:
Call 01943 882010 or email info@goodskindays.co.uk for an appointment

Who is suitable for treatment?

Thanks to the lower melanin absorption in our yellow laser, we are now able to safely treat various conditions for Asian and darker skin types.

What else is the yellow laser used for?

Our new yellow laser is capable of treating many vascular skin conditions such as telangiectasia, spider nevus, cherry angioma, venous lake, port wine stains or red spider veins.

Yellow Light Laser treatment for darker skin types

Why choose Good Skin Days for your Facial Thread Veins treatment?

Many clinics use IPL to treat Facial Thread Veins. This at first, could seem a cheaper alternative than medical grade lasers, however in the long run it won’t prove effective. IPL does not penetrate deep enough into the skin to tackle thread veins. Its effects are superficial, sometimes resulting in treatments that are merely a placebo effect, rather than results-driven. It is also well known that the IPL procedure can be quite painful, and there is risk of burning and damaging the skin. Other common side-effects of IPL treatments are swelling or bruising and sunburn-like reactions.

Here at Good Skin Days, patient satisfaction and achieving your desired outcome is vital. This is why we continue to invest in the most advanced lasers available on the market.

Asclepion QuadroStarPRO Yellow LaserThe Quadro Star Pro at a glance

The QuadroStarPRO Yellow is the first yellow table-top laser for dermatology and represents the gold standard for vascular treatments. It allows, fast, effective and safe treatments with reduced side effects. It has delivered fantastic results for us and our clients since its introduction due to its ability to target both superficial and underlying vessels for long-lasting results.

Thanks to its newly developed scanner with integrated skin cooling, it allows the treatment of larger areas quickly and without pain or side effects.

To put it quite simply… You won’t find this anywhere else in the UK.

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Treatments start from just £120. To book:
Call 01943 882010 or email info@goodskindays.co.uk for an appointment

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Since 2010 our passion has been providing life-changing results for our patients and clients, in the safest possible medical setting.

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