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MeDioStar Monolith - Best Laser Hair Removal Laser

The Future of Laser Hair Removal is Now Here

MeDioStar Monolith - Best Laser Hair Removal Laser
Introducing the 2019 MeDioStar Monolith – the new pinnacle of laser hair removal technology.

At Good Skin Days we have spent more than a decade building our reputation on providing treatments that are the most effective, safe and best value around. We’ve always been committed to making sure our clinic has the best facilities and most advanced equipment.

As recently as September 2018 we replaced all of our hair removal lasers with faster and more effective versions, and became the UK Training Centre for our laser partner, Asclepion.

But when the technology we’re introducing today came along, we had to make sure that we were the first clinic in the UK to offer it to patients.

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The MeDioStar Monolith

Manufactured by Asclepion at their headquarters in Germany, the MeDioStar Monolith is a huge step forward in hair removal laser technology. When we introduced the MeDioStar Pro XL in 2018, our patients were delighted by how much quicker their appointments were – especially for large treatment areas like the legs and back. But for patients who were also being treated in other areas such as their face or bikini line, the appointment inevitably involved some time while our Practitioners swapped over the laser hand-pieces to a smaller version suitable for those areas.

The new MeDioStar Monolith Laser has a unique solution to this challenge. Two hand-pieces are built into the laser, which means seamless treatments, whatever areas you’ve chosen for your laser hair removal.

The Monoliths come with a number of other new features to help your Practitioner make your treatment, quicker, more effective and gentler than ever before. 

Shorter laser pulses and higher power output allow safe treatment of all skin types while reaching hair follicles that are deeper in the skin than were previously treatable. Improvements to the integrated cooling system and sapphire glass screens mean the hand-pieces protect your skin while spreading the laser energy out evenly across the treated area.

Faster, gentler and more effective Laser Hair Removal

A commitment to excellence

We’re committed to investing in our clinic, our team and our treatments, so that our patients are always delighted with their results. We’ve purchased three of these incredible lasers from our friends at Asclepion, for whom we’re also the UK Centre of Excellence. We’re the first clinic in the UK to be able to offer treatment on the MeDioStar Monolith.

But it’s vital to us that our patients get all of the benefits of our investment with no downsides. In other words – no price rises.

The perfect time to start treatment

Autumn and winter are the perfect time of year to start your journey to freedom from shaving and waxing. You’re less likely to have a holiday tan and by the time next summer comes around, you’ll be most of the way towards being hair-free.

And now, with all of our patients benefitting from these amazing lasers and our exclusive Pay As You Go pricing from just £39, there has never been a better time to book a free consultation with one of our expert Practitioners.

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