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Laser Hair Removal in Record Time?

VIDEO: How long does Laser Hair Removal take?

One of the most common questions we’re asked by patients who are considering Laser Hair Removal is, “how long does the appointment take?”.

With the arrival of our amazing new MeDioStar Monolith lasers, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to time a real treatment taking place in our clinic…

Laser Hair Removal is well known for being the long-term way to get freedom from shaving and waxing. Eight appointments is usually enough to get at a permanent hair reduction of around 90%. But in the past, there was a trade-off – the appointments could be quite long.

With older lasers it would take our practitioners around an hour to carry out treatment on a patient’s back.

All of the benefits with none of the downsides?

Our newest lasers promise the same results in a fraction of the time – getting all the benefits of long-term hair reduction of 90% or more in a treatment that’s quicker than getting the razor out and having a quick shave.

Is this possible? One of our patients agreed to have his treatment timed on camera to answer the question. Check it out.

YouTube video

A great time for Laser Hair Removal

Our Practitioners and patients have been blown away by the quality and speed of treatment from these new lasers. And Autumn and early Winter are a fantastic time to start your course of Laser Hair Removal – you’re less likely to have a tan, and it won’t be as hard to protect your skin from the Sun after treatment.

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