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Laser Hair Removal: Now or Never?

Laser Hair Removal - Is it Now or Never?Are you tired of wasting your time and money on tweezing, waxing, expensive razors and creams to tame your unwanted hair? Here’s the good news! The best time to start Laser Hair Removal is now, just in time for summer! Here’s why…

How the Laser Works

Our lasers target a pigment in your hair follicle called melanin. The laser light gets absorbed by the melanin in the shaft of the hair follicle, to damage and eventually destroy it. When skin is exposed to the sun or sun beds, the level of melanin in the skin increases, meaning treatment can be less effective, or worse, burning can occur.

Why Winter?

For optimum effectiveness, Laser Hair Removal has to be carried out when your skin is as close to its natural tone as possible – this is most commonly the case in Winter.

Your tan – whether from the sun, a sun bed, fake tan or even heavy make-up – is a temporary change to your skin pigmentation. Our Practitioners will advise that it is harder to achieve the best results if there is too great a difference between your natural skin tone and your current skin tone.

Keeping to a personalised treatment plan

Like many things, Laser Hair Removal can take time to work. In order to achieve substantial hair reduction, Laser Hair Removal must be carried out as part of a course. Our Practitioners normally recommend 8 treatments at 4 to 6 week intervals.

Getting ready for summer

By starting a course in Winter, you’ll hopefully be done with waxing or shaving just in time for your Summer holidays. Everyone’s hair growth cycle is different, therefore we never start treatments without a FREE Consultation and Test Patch. In your consultation we’ll review your history and make a personalised Laser Hair Removal plan.

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Is it really now or never?

If you’ve currently got a tan, don’t despair. Our newest lasers – which are exclusive to us in the North – have special modes to allow effective treatment in most cases. So while it’s always best to come in with your natural skin tone, our clinics are amongst the few that might be able to offer you a safe option.

To find out, book in for a FREE Skin Consultation and Laser Hair Removal Test Patch with one of our expert Practitioners.

A look at our lasers…

Asclepion MeDioStar NeXT PRO XL is the most advanced Laser Hair Removal system available. Good Skin Days Leeds-Bradford is the Asclepion UK Centre of Excellence and Training Academy, so you can be sure our staff have the very highest levels of training.

Asclepion Mediostar for Laser Hair Removal at Good Skin Days

Good Skin Days are registered medical clinics and will never use inferior IPL or Electrolysis treatments. You can read more about this in Our Process.

To start your journey to smooth skin…
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