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Guest Product Review- Hyalual WOW Face Mask

Guest blogger: Fran Murray

Product Reviewing: Hyalual WOW Face Mask

Apparently this is not an elixir… but it’s pretty close!

WOW claim they are ‘dedicated to the cause of perfect looking skin, without the intervention of needles…or a pact with the devil.’

And the clever Californian scientists at WOW have certainly delivered. The silky smooth gel mask comes in two halves, one for the forehead, eyes and T-zone and the other for your nose, chin and jaw line.It recommends that you use the mask 12 hours before a big event and I always prefer to do a facemask before bed, to give me face a chance to breathe overnight.

It’s quite tricky to apply as it is very slippery when you first remove it from the pack, so give yourself a few minutes to get it into position and don’t be afraid to mold it to the contours of your face, especially round the eyes and nose. Once it’s in position, lie back and let the mask work its magic!

WOW’s ingredients include an RMPC-complex, which extracts the essence from some of natures most effective, skin-loving plants, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. I am always really carful when it comes to facemasks, as I have Atopic skin and I am prone to rashes and eczema, but this mask gently soothed and nourished my dry winter skin.

I kept the mask on for about an hour, following the recommendation to leave it on as long as possible. The cooling and moisturizing goodness reduced puffiness around my eyes and my skin felt smooth and soft.

The conditioning treatment and active ingredients in this mask are so effective that my skin feels healthy and protected. Even 72 hours after using the mask I can still feel the effects; my daily moisturizer absorbs into my skin better and my foundation seems to give me much clearer and more even coverage.

With 5 masks in a pack you can treat yourself once a month and have a spa quality facial treatment in the comfort of your own home. A star product that I award 9/10.

Fran x

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