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Why we Love iS Clinical products

The Good Skin Days Shop has just launched a fantastic skincare range from the US called iS Clinical. These products are pharma grade cosmeceuticals using only botanical ingredients. They are kind to the skin, but incredibly effective at improving skin appearance, texture and health. We quizzed members of our clinical team on why they are recommending this brand…

What makes iS Clinical different to other skincare brands you have used?

iS Clinical uses botanical ingredients, rather than the synthetic ingredients commonly found in skincare products. These product are clinically proven, pharma grade products that contain active ingredients at their highest level of purity. The natural ingredients deliver visible fast results with less downtime.

They are also free from parabens, sulphates and other chemicals that can cause irritation.

They can also be used throughout pregnancy.

Why do you think iS Clinical products would suit clients at Good Skin Days?

The products are pharma grade yet simple to use and effective with great results.  All skin types can use them, even those with very sensitive skin. There is a product in the range to address and improve all skin concerns.

What are your top 3 favourite iS Clinical Products?

What is the no.1 ‘must-have’ product for Good Skin Days clients?

iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex. Results are seen quickly and long term and skin texture is improved within days.

Which iS Clinical product would you recommend for a patient with acne?

iS Clinical Cleansing Complex – Use morning and night, apply with warm water and rinse off.  Follow at night with 2-3 drops of iS Clinical Active Serum.

Which iS Clinical product would you recommend to a patient with ageing, dull, uneven skin?

In the morning, use iS Clinical Cleansing Complex then apply 2-3 drops of  iS Clinical Super Serum. Finish with iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 30. At night cleanse with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex and apply 2-3 drops of iS Clinical Active Serum.

To shop the iS Clinical products, Click Here…

Clinic NewsiS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial launches at Good Skin Days next month!

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