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Ever wonder what Sunscreens really do?

Every Doctor, Dermatologist, Nurse, Skincare Professional and Beauty Expert highlights the importance of applying a daily sun protection product.

Watch this video created by artist Thomas Leveritt to see the shocking results when he asked members of the public to apply sunscreen to their face and look at themselves under an ultraviolet light:

YouTube video

This video highlights the important and power of sun protection products. These products keep our skin looking young, healthy and most importantly protected from harmful and cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays.

My advice is to look for a product with a broad spectrum SPF protection with an SPF 50, and apply it every morning. Reapply the product if you are in direct sunlight for long periods of time or have been swimming (or sweating heavily!). Find a light, non-greasy sun protection product, so you can happily apply it every morning as part of your daily skincare routine.

For further skin care or product advice please call or email me.

Tamara Gill

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