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Allergan to Open the World’s Largest Botulinum Toxin Manufacturing Facility in Westport, Ireland

We were incredibly impressed during our recent trip to Allergan (Westport, Ireland. Friday 21st March) with their on-going commitment to research and development. They have recently agreed plans to invest a staggering $350 million US dollars into a new manufacturing facility, which will become the third and largest on the Westport site.

All the Botox® used around the world is currently manufactured in Westport, Ireland and this new facility has been developed specifically to meet the ever-increasing global demand for this product. Allergan are already the world’s number one manufacturer of Botox® and have an estimated global market share of 80%.

Botox® manufacturing started at the facility in Westport back in 1993, over 20 years ago and maximum global sales of somewhere between US $40-50m were anticipated. With global sales of Botulinum Toxin now approaching the US $5bn mark, this was somewhat of an underestimate!

Their continued investment in advanced manufacturing technology and quality control, enables them to maintain the highest standards in global regulatory compliance. Allergan have had 25 audits within the last 4 years from global drug administration authorities, including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have passed every one, further reinforcing their reputation and status.

Botox® is a biological product, derived from a living source and all aspects of its production are controlled within the Allergan manufacturing facility in an entirely sterile environment, this is critical to the safety and quality of the end product.

You may already know, but we think it’s extremely important to reiterate that all of our Botox® is sourced from Allergan’s Westport manufacturing facility, it comes directly to us (without any wholesalers or middle men) and is transported in a temperature controlled environment.

Our experience of the facility and expertise at Allergan’s Westport facility impressed us hugely and we are proud to be associated with manufacturers mirroring the high standards of excellence that we set ourselves at Good Skin Days.

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