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Victoria Beckham endorses Laser Hair Removal

Victoria Beckham cites Laser Hair Removal as ‘the best tip’

Victoria Beckham endorses Laser Hair Removal


With four children and a hectic fashionista lifestyle in the public eye, Victoria Beckham is surely a woman who relies on beauty treatments that are effective and that last. She recently opened up about what she called ‘the best tip’ that celebrity pal Eva Longoria had ever given her.

Quoted in the March issue of ‘Allure’ magazine, Victoria says “Laser Hair Removal is amazing. You can go back for little touch-ups if you do see little hairs appearing, but I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t had to.” “That was one of the best tips that Eva Longoria ever gave me.”

Both these ladies are known for their immaculate appearance and their willingness to bare their silky smooth legs at a moments notice, so it’s no wonder that they have turned to the most effective and permanent method of hair removal available.

And this treatment isn’t just for the rich and famous. Here at the Good Skin Days clinic, Laser Hair Removal is one of our most popular treatments. We carry out an average of 350 Laser Hair Removal treatments every month and our patients have recommended us extremely highly. You can read some of our testimonials for Laser Hair Removal here.

We have three Class 4 medical grade lasers that we routinely use for Laser Hair Removal at our medically registered clinic. Based on our years of experience, we will select the most appropriate laser for your skin type, treatment area and overall requirements. These lasers are the ‘gold standard’ on the market, which is why our patients experience such excellent results. Each laser also has a technically advanced cooling system, to deliver effective treatment with minimal discomfort. Infact, our newest laser, the MeDioStar NeXT Skin Select, which we use to treat larger areas of the body is virtually pain free. We are the only clinic in Yorkshire to be able to offer this ground-breaking treatment and with up to 50% OFF courses of Laser Hair Removal (for a limited time only), there has never been a better time to book in and get hair-free for Summer!

And remember, IPL is NOT Laser Hair Removal. Here at Good Skin Days, you will be treated with a Class 4 medical grade laser as standard…don’t expect anything less.

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