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The MeDioStar NeXT Skin Select laser

Does pain-free Laser Hair Removal really exist?

The MeDioStar NeXT Skin Select laser

When most people think of more ‘permanent’ methods of hair removal, they might think of waxing or electrolysis. Both of these methods conjure up thoughts of people wincing in pain whist the treatment is in process and then red tender skin for a short while afterwards. The old adage ‘no pain, no gain’ need not apply to modern methods of permanent hair removal. Laser Hair Removal is generally considered to be a far less painful method of hair removal, but even then, has been known to cause the patient mild discomfort while the treatment is in process and sometimes afterwards.

At Good Skin Days, we have recently added the next generation MeDioStar NeXT Skin Select laser to our repertoire of Class 4 medical grade lasers. This new piece of technology, launched in the UK in 2011 promises to be the most pain free Laser Hair Removal system available for the body, without compromising any of it’s effectiveness in achieving silky smooth and hair free skin.

There are many components to this new laser which make it an exceptionally effective system for Laser Hair Removal, but our patients’ favourite has got to be the difference that they have noticed in the level of pain that they experience. This reduction is due to two unique features of the laser: the way that it delivers it’s power and it’s specially developed cooling system.

Instead of sharp shocks of laser power, the MeDioStar NeXT Skin Select paints the overall area with less intense laser pulses, building up the heat relatively gradually, to the point where the hair follicle is disabled. For this reason, your Laser Skin Practitioner has far greater control over the laser power distributed across the treatment area and thus, can minimise pain felt. The other reason that this system causes less pain to the patient is the high powered integrated cooling system, which reaches the desired 10 degrees celcius immediately upon switch-on and delivers a protective cooling blast before each pulse of laser light is delivered. The level of temperature is also adjustable, so your Laser Skin Practitioner can ensure that you are comfortable at all times during treatment. The laser is CE and FDA approved and there is no chance of burns.

For more information on our ten Class 4 medical grade lasers, you can read about them on our website here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about pain-free Laser Hair Removal for the body, look out for an exclusive event that we are going to be running in April. We’re opening our doors for the evening so that you can ask us about this, and any of the other treatments we offer. We will be carrying out FREE test patches of pain free Laser Hair Removal (worth £25) and giving you exclusive offers if you ‘buy treatments/courses on the night.’ There will also be complimentary wine at the event, so it’s a good excuse to come and see us just for a chat – we’d love to see you there. Details will follow soon.

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