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As Botox becomes more popular with younger audiences, is it still something to be frowned upon?

Preventative Botox Younger Generation

Projected global sales of Botox are set to reach over £2 billion by 2018 and more twentysomethings are choosing it than ever before. This post explains why more and more ‘young’ people are trying to change the face of their future…

Botox may still be disliked by some people but the treatment remains extremely popular. People often ask me what age they should start having Botox, and I normally respond by telling them that we generally treat people between the ages of 30 and 60. However, Botox is a treatment that is becoming more popular with people in their twenties and I can see the logic in that.

Botox doesn’t get rid of wrinkles as such, but it does stop the lines being so defined, because it relaxes the muscles that are holding them there. Muscles have a memory and over the years, frowning, furrowing our brows, pursing our lips and even laughing repeatedly will cause our facial muscles to hold these frown or laughter lines in place. Botox works by relaxing these muscles and also by limiting the repetitive movements, which cause wrinkles.

As the skin ages it loses volume and there’s also less collagen. Botox actually works more effectively in younger skin, when it is still rich in collagen and better able to respond.

People who have Botox in their twenties are not really seeking to eradicate wrinkles, but are looking to protect their skin in certain key areas to prevent wrinkles forming in later life. The science does make sense here.

Put simply, Botox is being used by the younger generation as a preventative measure.

What are your thoughts on this?

Can people be too young to have Botox?

Why shouldn’t people be allowed to preserve their appearance?

What made you decide to have Botox?

Leave us a comment. It would be great to know your thoughts.

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  1. Lisa Duffissey says

    It’s not a people choice it’s personal choice and if it makes a person confident and better about themselves then who has any right to say it wrong !! Good Skin Days Have Fantastic Staff And It’s A Friendly Professional Place

    • Chris Gill says

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for your kind words about our staff and the clinic. You’re right in saying its a personal choice however it has always divided opinion due to the negative press coverage. Essentially if you consult correctly and the patient understand the pros and cons then the treatment will be a success.


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