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Brotox anyone?

Brotox Botox Bradford BullsIt’s not just women that walk through the doors of our clinic interested in anti-wrinkle injections these days, in fact 2013 has seen a record number of men using these treatments regularly to help delay the signs of ageing and to keep skin looking youthful and wrinkle-free.

The current economic climate is being cited as one of the factors involved in this increase, with men desiring to look younger to stand out more in an interview situation or to gain a little extra confidence that will give them a boost in their current workplace.

Botox: more than an anti-wrinkle treatment

There is also the thought that the male population is beginning to understand more about Botox® and it’s wide variety of uses, including as a remedy for excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis). Only recently we featured an article about a few of our clients who play rugby for the Bradford Bulls. We treated them in the underarm area and as sportsmen who suffered enormously from sweating, they were really surprised at the results. Read the full article here at the Yorkshire Evening Post.

One of the things that make Botox injections such a popular treatment with men is the fact that the side-effects are mild and there is no ‘downtime’ as such, so people drop into the clinic for the treatment and are able to continue with their day immediately post-treatment. There are, as with any cosmetic treatments, the chance of some side effects, but with Botox®, these are generally mild and short-lived.

Take a look at this article from US magazine Men’s Fitness to see what they have to say on the matter.

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