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Acne Scarring: A Patient’s Story

Acne scarring can have effects on us that extend far beyond the affected skin. We were so happy to have one of our patients get in touch to tell us her story of coming to the clinic to try Clear + Brilliant treatment for the acne scars, and the boosts that it’s given her confidence and self esteem. Over to her…

“I’ve struggled with acne scarring since my late teens. In my 20s, I would attempt to cover the spots with foundation and layer it so thickly in the illusion that no one would know how awful my skin was becoming. By my late 20s, my skin was ruined.

Literally bumps and pits and deep indented scars.

Over the years, I’ve have had countless micro dermabrasion treatments – I imagine I’ve spent thousands – just to have a glow and for my scars to appear less visible for a few days.

I also had the Dermapen which actually did reduce some scarring on the cheeks but after 8 treatments, I chose not to pursue as the results were so minimal. I’ve also tried creams and ointments and serums to no avail.

Also, I spent the entire of my 20s refusing to accept that I had this skin condition – I wouldn’t even spend time looking in the mirror and created an illusion in my head that all was fine. However, over the last few years (I’m in my 40s now) I’ve really come to realise that I need to face up to the issues on my face.

After lots of reading and research I came across Good Skin Days.

For about two years, I put off treatment because it just didn’t suit my schedule- working long hours, little chance of getting time off, the worry that work colleagues will see the state of my face if I have to go into work without makeup, etc – I finally took the plunge and tried Clear + Brilliant.

After the first three treatments, I honestly found that there was a glow (and the scarring appeared much reduced) for about two weeks and then my skin would go back to how it was. However, after the fourth treatment, I have had lovely skin throughout the month. Ive not needed to use face masks or any kind of scrubs to revitalise my skin, which so was doing for the first three treatments.

I’ve had sooooo many people asking what I’m having done – I pretend it’s the change of hair colour!!

For the first time in my life, I’m actually enjoying looking at myself in the mirror!

I’ve had my 5th treatment today and I’ve found I’m healing a lot faster than I was before. The glow is obvious, the texture is clearer and my skin looks super healthy. Daiva, the practitioner who has completed my treatments and given me guidance on how to support my skin, has been wonderful – she recommended IS clinical products to go along side the clear and brilliant treatment, which has done wonders for my skin. I’m soooo thankful to her for her guidance and support. I wish I’d found her sooner.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the progress I’ve made so far and can’t wait to see how much better my skin will get. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has suffered from acne and scarring – I know it’s a little on the costly side but it is so worth it.”

We haven’t added or removed anything from our patient’s story. Sometimes it can take years to find the right treatment for your skin, and we were delighted that when she came to us, we were able to make such a huge difference to her overall wellbeing. We offer a FREE skin consultation to anyone who would like an expert to look at their skin and give them some realistic options that might help. (We take a £50 booking deposit which we will return after your consultation unless you’d like to use it again to book a treatment appointment)

Note: The patient who sent this to us asked that we not use her name online.

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